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6TH SENSE RISK SERVICES (6SRS) focus on providing specialist investigative and risk management services, solutions and advice tailored to the specific needs of our business clients and strategic partners including insurers, general insurance brokers and legal providers. With diverse expertise we assist in risk identification, assessment, response and mitigation through specialist professional services, solutions and advice.

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Our Services

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What We Offer

Factual Investigations
  • We seek to understand your needs first in reviewing the brief or scope and provide you with our factual investigation options
    1. Full / complex
    2. Brief / simple
    3. Once-off statements
    4. Evidence / documentation collation and analysis
  • We make recommendations on the most suitable option for your requirements
  • Our standard investigation timeframe will provide reports within 10 days
  • We will keep communicating with you on progress updates through the investigation
  • We seek to understand your needs first in reviewing the brief or scope and provide you with our surveillance investigation options
    1. Covert surveillance
    2. Static or fixed surveillance
  • We will review your requirements and information available to make recommendation on the best tailored approach to meet your needs
  • We will outline our approach and our strategy in collaboration with you
Insurance Claim Investigations
  • We are able to assist in various insurance claim or fraud investigations, and work with various aligned national insurers and brokers currently
    1. Workers Compensation
    2. CTP
    3. Life and Disability
    4. General Insurance
Employment Solutions
  • We can provide tailored employment risk management solutions for your business or organisation
    1. Pre-employment and background screening
    2. Incident Investigation
    3. Workplace relation, grievance and dispute investigations
    4. Workplace theft or fraud


Our specialist services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients. We take great pride in our work and welcome opportunities to assist.

Please contact us to find out more and how we can help you.









Frequently Asked Questions

One of our key goals is to make it easy to conduct business with us. As a result we provide high level answers to frequently asked questions.

Are you qualified to conduct investigations?
Yes, all our investigators are qualified, licenced and certified in their respective regions to conduct the investigations per statutory requirements.

How do you conduct investigations?
We will tailor our approach to your specific requirements and we will outline our approach and strategy for your business or organisation before we commence the investigation.

Who do you work with?
We work with general insurance brokers, insurance companies, lawyers, rehabilitation providers as well as businesses / organisations of all sizes across industries in industries.

How do I make a referral?
Please contact 6TH SENSE RISK SERVICES on (02)83177778 or via email or by completing our online referral form.

What if I have further questions?
We welcome the opportunity to assist and please contact our friendly staff on (02)83177778 or via email

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